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The CV forwarding service and has over 8,200  executive recruiters registered  to receive CVs. When you register, your CV is forwarded to multiple targeted recruiters who match your  chosen functions, industries and location. This maximises your interview exposure, saves you time, and enables you to be considered for  the 70% of appointments that aren’t advertised or published anywhere.

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Success Comments

Plenty of contact within a couple of days

“So far so good; approximately ten follow ups within a couple of days. Already some interesting opportunities looming!”
David Bryant, Sales Director, South East.

Six voice mails from recruiters on the same day

“Dear Kelly, On the day it was sent out I had 6 voice mails and 8 emails! I am following a few up at the moment so thank you.”
David Burt, Marketing Director, London.
Two specific assignments and five calls

“I have had five calls today, two with specific assignments in mind.” Kevin Holiday, Civil Engineer.


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